Monday, November 17, 2003

The next PR revolution started yesterday

Ingredients for preparing a revolution in PR: the change of the media, and the increasing use of internet by children and teens (yep, the future customers):

@ Tying history's easiest, cheapest publishing tool to history's best distribution network, the Internet, would have tremendous impact on media.

Jeff Jarvis, president and creative director of, in the New York Times -- Building a Web Media Empire on a Daily Dose of Fresh Links

@ At school and at home, today's children and teens are so computer savvy and comfortable online that they've become technology pacesetters, two new government studies show.

About 90 percent of people ages 5 to 17 use computers and 59 percent of them use the Internet - rates that are, in both cases, higher than those of adults. Even kindergartners are becoming more plugged in: One out of four 5-year-olds uses the Internet.

The figures come from a new Education Department analysis of computer and Internet use by children and adolescents in 2001. A second report from the agency, based on 2002 data, shows 99 percent of public schools have Internet access, up from 35 percent eight years ago.

"Children are often the first adopters of a lot of technology," said John Bailey, who oversees educational technology for the department. "They grow up with it. They don't have to adapt to it. ... Students, by and large, are dominating the Internet population."

By the time they're age 10, 60 percent of children use the Internet. That number grows to almost 80 percent for kids who are 16. [AP via Miami Herald]

For more information:
# Computer and Internet Use by Children and Adolescents in 2001
# Internet Access in U.S. Public Schools and Classrooms: 1994-2002


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