Saturday, November 15, 2003

Stellar Celebrity Endorsement

THIRSTY? Try the "official milk of the Chinese spaceman". Running late? Maybe you need the "official chronograph of the Chinese astronaut" - or perhaps just a taikonaut calendar to mark off the coming months.

This is China’s final frontier of modern marketing - or, at least, its most recent one.

After joining Russia and the United States last month as the only countries to send a human into space, China’s space programme is eagerly marketing its name and logo to companies looking to share the reflected glory. Sponsorships are splashed on billboards, product packaging, and in radio and television ads. At least two magazines have appeared focusing exclusively on the Chinese space programme. One, China Space News, sells a 2004 Shenzhou 5 calendar. [...]

A space-programme endorsement is "definitely good for establishing brand name", said a spokesman for Fiyta, the company which made the watch the taikonaut Mr Yang wore in space.

The Scotsman: Marketing is a Chinese space oddity


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