Thursday, November 13, 2003

Call for Entries in a Cool Competition

If your reaction to the topic of Ketchum's op-ed competition was "duh!," but you still want an internship and the chance to have your essay published, here's an alternative: Elizabeth Albrycht, a PR practitioner with a great blog, dares you to try your writing skills on "something meaty", like "How is PR changing due to new communications technologies?" or "Can PR lead to enhanced democracy? How?".

The challenge:

So, PR students. Do you have thoughts on the topics I just mentioned? Why not share them? If you demonstrate insight and brilliance, I bet we (this PR blog community) can find you an internship.

Send me your essays via email (include as text in email, I will NOT read attachments), and I will post the best ones here.

Read the rules and spread the news. The deadline is December 1st.
Good luck, and thanks to Ms. Albrycht for her idea!


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