Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Mickey Mouse is 75 years old

Today is Mickey Mouse's birthday: he is 75 years old. Happy Birthday, Mickey!

The Sun Sentinel:
He was a symbol of American pluck in his screen debut, "Steamboat Willie," on Nov. 18, 1928. The film at New York's Colony Theatre showed an irreverent rodent who takes Captain Pete's steamboat on a joyride and woos Minnie Mouse by making music on the bodies of various farm animals.

The years have dulled Mickey's personality, a result of him becoming the corporate face of a multibillion-dollar entertainment empire. In the process, Mickey also has become a cultural Rorschach test -- a symbol of American optimism, resourcefulness and energy or an icon of cultural commodification and corporate imperialism.

BBC News:
Mickey Mouse celebrates 75th year
Mickey Mouse: 21st Century icon


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