Sunday, September 14, 2003

Miami Herald's new design

The Miami Herald begins its second century of publishing with a new design, authored by a team coordinated by Mario Garcia, who redesigned The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Garcia, the president and CEO of Garcia Media, is a faculty member of The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, and has completed his masters and doctoral studies at the University of Miami. Explaining the design's rationales, Mr. Garcia indicates how the internet is modifying the way we are accessing information:

The emergence of the Internet, and the fact that so many newspaper readers browse websites, where navigation is a key element, has made it even more important for the modern newspaper. Readers unconsciously transfer some of their Internet quick browsing behavior when they come to print.

The new features of The Herald includes:
  • a new navigational system, tailored for three categories of readers: traditional, "scanners", and "supersonic readers"

  • the 5 minute Herald, that allows the reader to browse in just one page all important headlines and stories

  • color coded sections

  • summaries of the news, providing context for the headlines

  • "smart boxes", designed to give information at a glance

  • new fonts and colors

  • new tropical life tabloid sections


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