Tuesday, August 19, 2003

PR campaign developed by students

From Ben Silverman's PR Fuel (a recommended reading), here is an interesting article about a success story:
Eight thumbs up on this one. Three University of Houston students who took a PR class last semester put their knowledge to good use: By promoting a store that serves as a funding outlet for a shelter for battered women. The student's PR work increased sales at the store. "The students learned that a product has to be marketable before it can be marketed. This whole experience taught the students that the best way for a PR practitioner to have an impact is to be part of management's discussions on an organization's direction," Toby Stark, the student's teacher and a Houston-area PR pro, said. Seasoned PR pros can learn from these young ladies.

I learned about successful PR campaigns developed by UM students and I hope this weblog will host soon a couple of stories about them.


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